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In many communities in Colorado, there are multiple special districts providing services to support the community. The relationship and structure of these multiple district communities is varied and can include one district providing services throughout the community, multiple districts providing services in distinct areas of the community, and/or additional entities created by the special districts to provide public services, such as authorities.

Sometimes, the relationship between special districts serving a community changes, and a plan that may have initially contemplated the special districts working together to provide services for the community is no longer the best path forward. This can occur due to changes in the direction of the development (for example, low to high density, or the addition of commercial in a residential community); economic downturns; disagreements between residents, property owners, homebuilders or developers; or merely a desire of a neighborhood to have more control over the services provided.

Erb Law, LLC, has successfully achieved separations and workouts in special district communities ranging from resort communities to front range developments through a combination of education, creative thinking, cooperation, negotiation, and financing solutions to resolve these disputes outside of the costly and time-consuming litigation process, which puts the resolution of the dispute in the hands of a judge and outside of the control of the community.

Special District Consolidations, Separations, and Workouts

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