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Improvement districts such as general improvement districts and business improvement districts, and authorities, are essential tools for local governments to provide services and infrastructure to their communities.

Improvement districts can own, operate and maintain public infrastructure including street improvements, parks, recreation facilities, water distribution systems, and sewer and stormwater collection and treatment systems. These public services can be provided in support of new development, long-time established communities, or to help accomplish specific goals for an area, such as improved streetscape or beautification. In addition, certain types of improvement districts can provide additional types of improvements including parking facilities, public meeting facilities, security for the business and the public, and activities in support of business recruitment, management, and development. Each type of entity comes with its own unique powers and governance structures that can be powerful tools for the overall improvement of communities and areas.

Authorities are contractually created entities permitted under the Colorado Constitution and Colorado statute to allow local governments such as municipalities and special districts to work together for the public good. Authorities may be created to provide any function, service or facility that each of the member governments can provide, which can include regional water and sanitation facilities, transportation projects, or recreational projects. The member governments can use the authority to share costs and leverage the expertise of each member to provide the best possible project for the public.

Erb Law, LLC has experience providing legal advice to improvement districts and authorities in Colorado, working with the Boards, management teams, consultants and member entities to achieve goals and provide the needed services, while ensuring compliance with Colorado law.

Improvement Districts and Authorities

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