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Erb Law, LLC was founded on the premise that an attorney should be more than just another consultant, but instead part of the team helping to guide, shape and execute on the goals of its clients. We do this by working with you and your team, identifying short and long-term goals, challenges and paths forward to provide the legal service you need.

Thorough and goal-oriented solutions to help your community


Carefully curated legal services for your District’s issues


Attentive and constructive ideas for your District’s success

Erb Law, LLC Focuses on the
Following Practice Areas

Special District Communities

Erb Law, LLC provides general counsel services to special districts across Colorado, supporting the operations of the special districts that serve their communities.

Special District Development

Erb Law, LLC provides services to real estate developers and professionals regarding the use and role that special districts can play in the success of a real estate project.

Special District Due Diligence

Erb Law, LLC provides due diligence for purchasers of property to understand the powers and structures of the special districts associated with the property.

Improvement Districts and Authorities

Erb Law, LLC provides legal advice to improvement districts and authorities in Colorado, assisting with the planning and execution of the goals and objections unique to each entity.

Special District Consolidations, Separations, and Workouts

Erb Law, LLC, has successfully achieved separations and workouts in special district communities ranging from resort communities to front range developments.

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