Special District Development and Due Diligence

Special districts can provide public improvements and services to residential, commercial and mixed-use developments when existing governments such as the county or city, cannot or will not provide the needed public infrastructure and services. The public improvements and services provided by special districts can include the construction and maintenance of streets, curbs, gutters, water treatment and distribution, sewer and wastewater collection and treatment, park and recreation amenities including recreation centers, and transportation improvements – all of the essential public amenities needed and expected for a community.

Special District Development. Erb Law, LLC provides services to real estate developers and professionals regarding the use and role that special districts can play in the success of a real estate project. Services include developing and implementing strategies related to the use of special districts, special district structures and long-term planning, use of special districts to provide public infrastructure and services, including the provision of water and sewer services, organization of special districts within counties or cities, and special district funding and public financing options.

Due Diligence. The acquisition of land within existing special districts raises unique considerations for the buyer. We provide due diligence services to purchasers who need to understand the structure, tax implications, financial obligations and potential use of existing special districts impacting the property. We work with the acquisition team including real estate professionals, real estate counsel, title companies, and finance team to provide a clear picture of the most relevant special district information to the purchaser and suggestions for working with the existing special districts to minimize risk and maximize the project’s potential for success.