Special District Communities

Erb Law, LLC provides general counsel services to special districts across Colorado, supporting the operations of the special districts that serve their communities. As general counsel, we are an integral part of the team ensuring that each special district can provide timely, effective services to its residents and customers.

Our services include ensuring compliance with law and support of the district’s operations including meeting preparation and procedure, elections, director qualifications and conflicts of interest, contracting for services, construction bidding and contracting, financing, real estate matters, park and recreation services, inclusion and exclusion of property, Colorado open records, and dissolution. In addition, depending on the services provided by each special district, additional services include advice regarding water and sewer fees and rates, capital improvement plans, grants and loans, and advice regarding covenant enforcement and design review.

We represent and have experience with a wide variety of special districts in Colorado, including metropolitan districts, water districts, sanitation districts, water and sanitation districts, ambulance districts, and general improvement districts (Title 31). We have experience representing a wide variety of special district communities, ranging from small, large lot front-range communities; mountain community water and sewer providers; metropolitan districts providing a suite of public services to small and large residential and mixed-used communities; and special districts supporting commercial shopping centers and developments.

In addition, we have experience with special district communities that have multiple special districts to address different services or development phasing, and community authorities created to assist with the coordination of services provided by the special districts.

In each case, we provide our services to our clients to help ensure that the direction and goals of the community are met.